Tree and Shrub Pruning

At Francis Rose, we offer a pruning service to keep your trees and shrubs looking good.

Enhance Your Landscape

The colour, structure and texture of trees, shrubs and vines enhance a landscape and provide focal points around your garden, however, to avoid them becoming too big or too straggly it is necessary to prune them from time to time to keep them in shape and healthy.

Room to Flourish

If your garden is recently established, we will prune the trees and/or shrubs to ensure that they grow in an optimum way to suit the space, whilst making sure that we maintain their health. If you have trees or shrubs that have been left to their own devices and are now threatening to take over the garden, we will prune them to restore their shape whilst removing any dead wood and making sure that the trees, shrubs and the surrounding plants have room to flourish.

About Us

Based in Milton Keynes, Francis Rose provides a wide range of landscaping and garden services locally and within the surrounding areas.

With over 15 years experience in landscaping and construction, you can trust the team at Francis Rose to transform your garden into a beautiful, tranquil space to be enjoyed all year round.

Our experts offer solutions for all budgets, you can leave it to us to advise on the design and materials best suited to your project for great results.